A Helpful Breakdown Of Convenient Plans For Footwear

to 8 p.m. Friday-Saturday When she was young, Amy Valadez didn't get to wear a lot of expensive on-trend clothes. Her mother abandoned the family, leaving her father to raise Valadez along with her sisters and brother on his own. Growing up in Southwest Detroit, Valadez says they didn't have a lot of shopping options. Their best bet was often to drive to a mall in a nearby suburb, and even that plan wasn't foolproof. After work, her dad often didn't have the time or energy to make the trip, let alone the money to purchase expensive clothing. But, Valadez says she never wanted him to feel bad about not being able to provide them with those little luxuries. Out of that experience, though, was born a dream. Valadez says she knew from a young age that, if ever given the chance, she would open a shoe store in the neighborhood.

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